Resources // Order Guidelines


Our standard lead-time is 10 business days, but in many cases we can accommodate rush orders. Please indicate if you have any events or deadlines before placing your order so we can schedule appropriately.

The clock starts ticking as soon as we have order approval, art approval and 50% down as a deposit.


Screen printing and Transfer services have a 24-piece minimum. If your layout is complex, or has a high color count we have a higher minimum. Please inquire!

Embroidery orders have a 12-piece minimum per design and layout, on like-items.


Artwork should be supplied in a vector format if possible. We are happy to offer design assistance as needed.

Customers are expected to proofread all supplied art. SWAG Northwest is not responsible for any misspellings, formatting issues, or other errors.

Approval on Orders/Invoices

Any requested changes to orders/invoices after approval could be subject to 15% restocking fees if items need cancelled or returned. Understand we have already purchased (possibly received) your gear, which we now have to pay to send back to our suppliers. Some special order items cannot be returned. Changes made to the order may result in delays in production or ship dates.

Approval on Mock-Ups

All artwork on new orders is to be reviewed using a digital mock-up. Orders will be executed exactly as shown on mock-ups, so it is important to review for accuracy or ask if there is any clarification needed. SWAG will not be liable for any issues that are depicted in approved mock-ups.

Timely approval is critical to keep things on track. In many cases, we will need artwork approved in 24 hours to hold the production spot. Any changes to artwork or the order after approval could result in delays on your in-hands date.

Stock Issues/Backorders

We do our best to monitor stock levels with our suppliers, but we do run into inventory issues from time to time. SWAG cannot guarantee availability on all products. If an item is shown to be backordered before the order is approved, we will suggest replacement items. We are happy to backorder items as a separate order if those are specifically needed. They will be treated as a separate order with the appropriate quantity discounts. Backorder dates are estimates and are not guaranteed. Please only consider backordering items if your in-hands date is open.


All in-house items are decorated by hand and will be subject to some degree of variance. Variance should be minimal. 0.25” variance on embroidery and 1” variance on screen printing is considered acceptable and will not be eligible for a replacement.

We follow a predetermined “default” placement for screen printing and embroidery if specific placement is not indicated by the customer.


Cancellations made after the order has been approved are subject to restocking fees of 15%, plus any additional fees to cover any services already provided. This may include set-up fees if files have already been prepped for production. Cancellation will not be possible after items have begun the embellishment process.


SWAG will do everything possible to meet and exceed your timing expectations, but we can’t always guarantee in-hands dates. Our standard lead-time allows time to receive your clothing and decorate, but we do run into supplier/shipper errors and need additional time to receive replacements.


SWAG cannot guarantee exact quantities on orders. Human error and machine malfunction can result in some degree of spoilage. SWAG will not charge for spoiled items, but we cannot always reprint the spoiled items.

3% spoilage is considered acceptable before warranting a reprint on bulk orders of 50+. Please consider ordering extras if you need exact quantities.

Product Satisfaction

SWAG is happy to provide unprinted samples for customer review before order approval. Samples are billed at a “blank” retail cost. We also have a number of available samples at our showrooms which are free to access during business hours!

SWAG is not responsible for dissatisfaction on products selected by the customer, but we are here to offer advise as the order is being placed and organized. We have many years of experience and are here to guide!

Customer provided goods

SWAG is one of the few decorators in the Portland area that allows customers to bring in their own gear for printing and embroidery. All customer provided gear is accepted after review by our customer support staff. Please note that even customer provided goods are subject to spoilage. SWAG is not responsible for any items damaged due to mechanical failure or human error. It is highly recommended to see if we can source the items instead, because we are more than happy to replace spoiled items that we provide. Our rates are also much better if we sell the item, so we highly encourage checking before you buy!


We are happy to reprint or discount any order that is not decorated to the specifications of your approved proof. Please note that all claims must be submitted to SWAG within 5 days of delivery. Reprints are subject to available production timelines.

If your bulk order has errors exceeding the spoilage rate of 3% we would be happy to replace those items as timely as possible.

We are not responsible for any lost profit, sales or accounts due to delays, errors or damages.

Social Media

SWAG reserves the right to showcase our work and your product on our social media platforms, unless specifically requested not to do so. If you wish to stay offline, please let us know. We will never showcase your designs as our property or resell your gear.